Shekinah Educational Center of Benguet, Inc. envisions to be a dynamic center of academic and spiritual excellence.


Shekinah Educational Center of Benguet, Inc. is committed to developing the potentials of children by providing academic and spiritual opportunities that will enhance their awareness, learning competencies and skills.

Our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff are here to make sure your children get the education they need, while helping them grow to have holistic, wholesome values and life skills.


Our Facilities and Learning Areas

We provide the proper facilities for children to have a holistic learning experience — from classrooms to open areas for sports and outdoor activities, we make sure our students have a conducive environment to maximize their potential and stimulate their growth.

Our Alumni

Our alumni form an integral part of our school’s history, and serve as inspiration to our students.

Some of our former students during an Alumni Night held in 2013

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